Wednesday, August 14, 2013


“Tinnitus causes and risk factors”
Tinnutis in the ears is considered more as an indication of an inner issue in one's body than as an actual illness. These are disturbing sounds to be that you listen to every now and then or regularly without a resource and that can affect your sleeps. The appears to be can differ from , hissing, humming chirping, squeaking, ringing, whooshing, roaring, etc. The most annoying thing is that you will hear these sounds only most of the times.

Causes of Tinnitus
The causes of this ear issue can be as simple as having impacted earwax or an ear infection and once this ear wax or ear infection is dealt with, the noises may go away.
Other causes may be the result of drug usage which is a common cause of it. There are a lot of over the counter or prescription drugs that can cause this ringing in your ears. You need to evaluate the medications you are taking and discuss them with your doctor if you are suffering from this issue.
Typical reasons consist of  quinine, pain killers,ibuprofen, diuretics, some antidepressant medications, etc. While high dosages may cause this condition, even low dosages may affect some people. You will have to explore other options if the drugs you use on a regular basis are able to generate this issue on your ear.

Other causes of it includes but are not limited to very loud noises which can damage ears causing hearing loss and increase the risk of developing the ear issue. Loud noises that can impact the ears include listening to iPods or other music devices at very high volumes, power tools, leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners, blenders, lawn mowers, etc.
Head injuries can also increase the risk of developing this ear issue on your ear. This is one of the reasons that athletes are very prone to this condition especially football players who are at great risk of suffering head injuries in their profession.
If you suffer from hearing loss due to advancing age, this hearing loss may be the reason of this ear issue. If the bones in the middle of your ear stiffen, your hearing can be affected which may cause tinnitus.
Risk factors of the tinnitus
Age - As hearing declines with age, It can be the factor which will occur this issue on your ear.
Gender - Though women and children may be affected by it, men are more likely to develop this condition. About one in eight men between the ages of sixty five and seventy four suffer from this condition.
Smokers - The risk of developing this ear issue is increased when you smoke.
Loud noises - This is the most common cause of the issue.  Those who listen music or involve in loud noises activities they generally suffer from this issue. 
Cardiovascular issues - Having high blood pressure or damaged arteries which affect blood flow including that in the inner ear can increase the risk of developing this condition.
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